Posted by: emmaharger | February 27, 2012

Bruins Trade Deadline Day Moves

Last night, I wrote for Rant that the Bruins had a few plans, but that GM Peter Chiarelli was unwilling to mess with the current lineup. Chia stayed true to his word today; the Bruins made three trades, but not a single one involved a man currently on the Boston roster.

The Bruins acquired Mike Mottau and Brian Rolston from the New York Islanders in exchange for prospects Yannick Riendeau and Marc Cantin. Rolston actually has prior experience, from 1999 to 2004, as a Bruin. He’s a forward who can play any role. Mottau is a defenseman who was born in Quincy, went to Boston College and lives in Massachusetts. These two guys could really add some good ‘hometown’ feel to the team. Rolston has that veteran status and a wicked slapper–one time he made Jean-Sebastien Giguere duck for cover and another time he hit Roberto Luongo‘s mask. Mottau has a wealth of defense experience and all of that Massachusetts street cred. Both of these guys can be great additions.

(I’ve already promised Vicky that the Bruins will take care of Mottau and Rolston.)

The Bruins also nabbed another defenseman, Greg Zanon from the Minnesota Wild, in exchange for Providence’s Steven Kampfer. I’ve never been too impressed with Kampfer’s play when he’s been called up to Boston, but Zanon shows some promise. The guy blocks shots like that’s what he was born to do; he’s averaging 2.5 blocked shots per game this season. A defenseman who’s willing to go right in front of a shot and help out his goalie–that’s something Boston has needed lately. Zanon could very well provide this assistance.

Overall, Chiarelli stayed true to his word–no one on the current roster moved–and didn’t completely tear the team apart in order to maybe get a short-term benefit. Good for him. The team has been a little slump-y lately, but overall is still working fairly well, so he looked to shore up some strength instead of erasing everything and attempting to start over again. I’m interested to see how Mottau, Rolston and Zanon will work in the Bruins organization.


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