Posted by: emmaharger | February 28, 2012

Brian Rolston Highlight Reel

I think it’s time to enjoy some videos of Brian Rolston‘s career to date. Note that some of them aren’t of the best video quality ever because they’re a little old, but you’ll still be able to appreciate them.

Rolston takes on Vancouver’s Alex Burrows:

Rolston takes a huge penalty slap shot on Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo:

Rolston scores a goal and the puck gets stuck inside the netting:

Rolston makes Anaheim’s Jean-Sebastien Giguere duck (Ha! I just realized the pun of making an Anaheim player duck) from his shot:

Rolston–and recent Man of the Day honoree PJ Axelsson, among others–gets caught up in some physicality during a playoff game against New Jersey:

Rolston pots an empty-netter against the Calgary Flames at the end of 2011, as filmed by someone in the Coliseum crowd with pretty good seats:



  1. […] I spotlighted in another post, he’s got a pretty darn good shot. He also seems excited to be back in Boston. Here’s […]

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