Posted by: emmaharger | February 28, 2012

I love our new veterans!

I’m kind of having trouble holding all my feels about the Bruins’ trio of newbies. (I’m not having trouble expressing my feels, though; I wrote about ’em for Yahoo and Rant.) The more I learn about them, the more I think Peter Chiarelli might just be the cleverest wizard of his time when it comes to acquisitions. (He’d definitely be a Ravenclaw if we’re playing the Harry Potter sorting game.) He wanted veterans and depth? By gum, he got veterans and depth. Not only did he get deep veterans, though, he got guys who are just thrilled to play in Boston and it shows from some of the quotes they’ve been giving on the Bruins’ official Twitter. Observe:

“I’m super excited…it shouldn’t take me long to adjust to the way Bruins like to play.” –Brian Rolston

“Any time you can come to an Original Six team in this league it’s a big deal and I’m really honored to have the opportunity to play.” –Greg Zanon

“I always said I’d take a puck in the teeth for the Bruins, now I have a chance to do that.” –Mike Mottau

“Couldn’t be happier that this team picked me up…the right fit.” -Rolston

“I emulated my game early on after Ray Bourque because he was such a great player…” -Mottau

John Bishop reported that Mottau and Rolston have been grinning ear to ear during multiple interviews.  They’ve also changed their speech patterns–they’re already saying ‘we’ in reference to themselves as a part of the team.

Fun fact: Rolston knows fellow Flint, Mich. native Tim Thomas from when they played together…as kids. (Aww!) He may also remember Patrice Bergeron, the only Bruin on the current roster who was there in 2003-04, Rolston’s last season as a Bruin. That was Bergy’s rookie season–I bet Rolston will be surprised to see how much he’s grown since then as a person and a player.

Mottau received a text message yesterday from Shawn Thornton welcoming him to the team and was pleased by the gesture. (Careful, Mike–there’s a tendency for guys who hang out with Thorty to get traded. It doesn’t always happen, but it happened as recently as with Mark Stuart.)

Rolston and Mottau are expected to debut tonight against Ottawa; Zanon won’t just yet–perhaps an effect of having an early flight and jetlag.

The three new veterans will wear these numbers:

Rolston 12 (the same one that he wore the first time around)

Mottau 27

Zanon 6

Yay, new veterans!


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