Posted by: emmaharger | March 1, 2012

Man of the Day 2/29: Brian Rolston

Brian Lee Rolston

Born February 21, 1973 (age 39) in Flint, Michigan, USA

Utility forward for the Boston Bruins

I’ll take a page from Krista’s book and spotlight two of our new Bruins. Rolston was drafted in 1991 by the New Jersey Devils after time spent playing college hockey for Lake Superior State University. (He was MVP in his freshman year.) He spent the lion’s share of the 1990s with New Jersey and won the Cup with them in 1995. After a short stint in Denver, he came to Boston for his first round as a Bruin. It was as a Bruin that he had his then career-best year in 2001-02, netting 62 points. Free agency took him to Minnesota, but his debut there was delayed a year due to the lockout. Minny was good to him too; he had an even better 79-point season there and saw his excellent shot used on the power play. Minnesota’s captaincy used to be a monthly thing and he got that honor for four months in 2006 and 2007 as well as a trip to the 2007 All-Star Game.

As an Islander, before the A.

After not being able to negotiate with Tampa Bay, Rolston returned to New Jersey in 2008. (He likes his reuniting, then.) It seems like the return trip there wasn’t the best time; while he performed and scored points, when he was traded to the New York Islanders he said he was happy to go somewhere he was wanted. Ouch… On the Island, he was named an alternate captain, but didn’t produce much. Then of course came trade deadline day and his re-return to Boston. He’s also represented America in three World Juniors, a World Championships, two World Cups of Hockey and three Olympics.

As I spotlighted in another post, he’s got a pretty darn good shot. He also seems excited to be back in Boston. Here’s hoping he has a good time here!

Glad our jerseys don't look like that anymore, though...


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