Posted by: kristagolden | March 1, 2012

What not to do when you have “concussion-like symptoms”

As I’ve reported in my gamers, Jonathan Toews has sat out the past five games with the always-vague “upper-body injury”. At first, fans and reporters wondered if it had anything to do with the wrist injury he suffered prior to the All-Star Game, but that was quickly dismissed. The latest reports coming from the locker room, though, are pretty rage-inducing.

According to the Blackhawks beat reporters for both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, Toews could be suffering from concussion-like symptoms as a result of a hit during the Hawks’ game with the San Jose Sharks on February 10. And while you’re digesting that, you’re probably realizing that if that fact is true, then he played while (allegedly) concussed till their game on the 21st against the Detroit Red Wings. Begin your hair pulling and cursing in multiple languages (if desired) now.

The captain shouldn't always go down with the ship, you know.

In this season where it feels like there’s an epidemic of concussions arising, I’m angered that my captain, a guy who’s been described as acting older than his 23 years, would be so thoughtless as to play while feeling terrible. I understand that his presence in the locker room and on the ice was important on the road, especially when the team was experiencing a demoralizing losing streak, but he was putting his health, and potentially his career, in jeopardy. With guys like Chris Pronger having their seasons cut short, you would think that Tazer would’ve thought of the consequences to himself  when contemplating the idea of suffering for the sake of leadership and team morale.

When does it become worth it to be out of action for an undetermined length of time just to lead your team? Maybe someone will ask Tazer that when (or, heaven forbid, if) he returns this season.

– Krista

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