Posted by: kristagolden | March 3, 2012

Blackhawks-Senators wrapup

Chicago Blackhawks at Ottawa Senators

2-1, Blackhawks

Goals: Milan Michalek (Ottawa), Bryan Bickell and Marian Hossa (Chicago)

Goalies: Ray Emery (25/26, .962); Robin Lehner (37/39, .949)

The Good

Coach Q called this the biggest win of the season; I call it one heckuva game. It was fast-paced from the start, and the Hawks outshot the Sens 34-16 through the first two periods. They outshot us 10-5 in the third, but it was for nothing.

Ray Emery showed up his old team and stood on his head tonight, making saves that put mere mortals to shame. And you know what? Unlike other fans who boo our guys who were previously on their teams *cough Pittsburgh cough*, he got a very nice ovation from Sens fans.

Seriously, what hip surgery?

Okay, so Robin Lehner deserves some credit for how he played as well, even denying Patrick Sharp a goal off a penalty shot in the second period. He’s pretty tough in net for being a call-up.

Craig Anderson's kitchen nightmare is Ottawa's...well, he's good, anyway.

Things were a bit shaky after the first period because they drew first blood (we usually don’t do well when the other team scores first). But then Bryan Bickell got a nice rebound shot in the net in the second, and Marian Hossa scored on the power play…yes, it was a power play goal. That dull thud you heard was me hitting the floor in shock.

"That was a power play goal! I like those, can we get more?"

The Bad

I was probably bad for laughing at Matt Gilroy for having a wide open net and not being able to shove the puck into the net like a normal player would, holy cow chips.

I sound like a broken record reporting that our Cylon captain, Jonathan Toews, is still out, although he was doing off-ice workouts back in Chicago. It’s up in the air if he’ll join the boys in either Detroit or St. Louis. Maybe he should wait till the Rangers game to come back if he can.

The Ugly

I feel just awful for Corey Crawford. Pulled twice in a row and then benched, and he admits he’s not having the best time of it with his play. I want him to be at the top of his game, but something is holding him back. I hope he finds out what’s wrong and fixes it.

Next Game

at Detroit Red Wings

March 4

NHL Network

We beat them on my birthday, so let’s hand them another loss!

– Krista

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