Posted by: emmaharger | March 7, 2012

Bruins game 64 wrapup

Boston Bruins at New York Rangers

4-3, Rangers

Goals: Ruslan Fedotenko (New York), Carl Hagelin (New York), Benoit Pouliot (Boston), Jordan Caron (Boston), Marian Gaborik (New York), David Krejci (Boston), Derek Stepan (New York)

Goalies: Henrik Lundqvist (30/33, .909%), Tim Thomas (13/17, .765%)

Writeups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

Lane MacDermid, you are truly a Bruin now. First NHL fight on your first NHL shift? Mazel tov.

Better yet, he really seemed to hold his own against famed tough guy Mike Rupp, so yay for him!

The timeout that the team took after going down 2-0 very early looks to have energized them for at least the rest of first and all of second. Coach Claude Julien said nothing during the timeout, but let the players regroup and re-energize.

Benoit Pouliot snapped an eight-game scoreless streak when he scored near the end of first. The last time he scored was actually against his old club the Habs back in February.

Milan Lucic took on Brandon Prust and pretty much took him down, at one point leaning him up against the boards in front of the Bruins bench. Ignore the fact that the NBC commentators (more on them later) can’t properly call a fight and enjoy the footage:

By the way, this has now led some Rangers fans, apparently, to call for a bounty on the ‘goon’ Lucic’s head. Lucic is no goon. He has scored more than 20 goals this season and has more than 100 penalty minutes. Plus, that’s awfully rich coming from the team that just got John Scott. (Sorry, Krista.)

Jordan Caron recognized the need for more secondary scoring and put one away in the only scoring of the second period.

David Krejci also scored, assisted by both his linemates, in the third period. I kind of like this new top line. Maybe I’ll call it the hot plate line because it seems to have lit a fire under Krejci and Seguin.

The Bad:

I don’t even want to talk about the defensive failings that took place on some of those goals, or how Greg Zanon basically assisted on New York’s second goal, or how Tim Thomas seems a little less like himself lately (his save percentage looks ghastly simply because the Rangers don’t shoot much), or how the Bruins held a lead for just 39 seconds before losing it and eventually losing the game.

The Ugly:

Getting down 2-0 early was a really bitter pill to swallow, especially on the national broadcast where the broadcasting crew seems to pretty much root for whatever team is playing against the Bruins. (That is when they’re not just generally screwing up their job–at one point when a bunch of Bruins were crowded around New York’s net and doing things, both voices were completely silent. Do they forget that silence on live air is pretty much a death wish, except in very very exceptional instances?)

Poor Brad Marchand seems snakebitten lately. That one almost goal that just barely skittered out of the net was agonizing. He’s trying so hard lately, but doesn’t seem to be getting rewarded for it.

Next Game:

at Toronto Maple Leafs

March 6


Spoiler alert! I already saw this! I know how it went 😉 Wrapup coming soon!


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