Posted by: emmaharger | March 12, 2012

Bruins game 67 and 68 wrapup

[Catch-up complete. Let’s focus on two games that were not very good.]

Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins

4-3, Capitals

Goals: Alexander Semin (Washington), Matt Hendricks (Washington), Milan Lucic (Boston), Brad Marchand (Boston), Jay Beagle (Washington), Brooks Laich (Washington), Johnny Boychuk (Boston)

Goalies: Tomas Vokoun (30/33, .909%), Tim Thomas (26/30, .867%)

Writeups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

Bruins goals scored off the faceoff–nothing like ’em. Milan Lucic got his team on the board with less than a minute left in the first period via a shot taken just after the puck was dropped.

Brad Marchand‘s been hungry for a goal recently, it seems, and today he got to eat a little.

Zdeno Chara supporting the You Can Play Project. I didn’t see the ad because the game was on NHL Network and, while we got the NESN feed, they cut away during intermissions and I didn’t see it there, but I did see it online. I am so proud that my captain is part of such a good, valuable campaign.

Johnny Boychuk scored, so now he’s scored two goals in two games after going dry for months.

The game wasn’t a total blowout?

The Bad:

Oh boy! More catch-up hockey to play!

As of this game, the Bruins are 4-7-2 in matinees. C’mon guys, there are two Dunkin’ Donuts locations inside TD Garden. Fuel up and get going!

For the Bruins, killing penalties can be a time of vulnerability. If they do it successfully, the minute after that is often dangerous, and sometimes they even allow power play goals.

Marchand’s goal was clearly an attempt to try and give his team some energy, but they didn’t get the memo.

The Ugly:

Man, remember when ba-boom, ba-boom was a good thing? And not a “the other team scored two goals in less than half a minute” thing?

That awkward moment when COLUMBUS had a longer win streak going at the time than Boston. Wow.

Next Game: Right down there!

Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh Penguins

5-2, Penguins

Goals: Arron Asham , Matt Niskanen, James Neal (all Pittsburgh), David Krejci x2 (Boston), Chris Kunitz (Pittsburgh), Pascal Dupuis (Pittsburgh)

Goalies: Marc-Andre Fleury (34/36, .944%), Tim Thomas (7/10, .700%), Marty Turco (20/22, .909%)

Writeups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

David Krejci did work. I read somewhere–maybe Tumblr–that Krejci often comes alive in times when his team really needs it. Well, his team really needs it right now, as decimated by injury as it is. Krejci answered the call. Too bad no one else did.

Speaking of people doing work, Marty Turco. He was pretty darn good, only allowing two goals on 22 shots faced. If this was an audition for him to maybe earn a start, I think he nailed it. Especially with this feat of acrobatics to deny Jordan Staal:

This man is old enough to run for president (though constitutionally ineligible!) and can still make moves like that. Holy. Crap. I really think he’s earned a start, maybe against Tampa Bay since they’re more vulnerable this year than last. Let Tim Thomas rest. His save percentage has been atrocious these last few games and Turco might really get a kick out of the chance.

The Bad:

Instead of repeating a spiel about how hard it is to play catch-up hockey, and how the Bruins have never successfully climbed out of a three-goal deficit this season to my knowledge, here is a picture of a sleeping kitten.

This game is actually an interesting example of how to deal with injury. Much as it pains me to type this, Pittsburgh is the “Gallant” in this situation and Boston is “Goofus.” (Remember Goofus and Gallant? Out of Highlights magazine, staple of pediatrician and dentist offices all across the country?) Pittsburgh takes injuries to star players in stride and deals well with them. Boston gets an unusually close-together crop of injuries and just falls to pieces at a very inconvenient time in the season, not that there ever is a convenient time.

Let’s not even talk about the further injuries to this wounded animal of a hockey club that were incurred with this game. Especially not a certain second-line center who got injured blocking a shot, played just seven minutes and is now a game-time decision for Tampa. If I think about it too long, my heart just aches.

The Ugly:

NBC, we need to talk about how y’all moved this game’s start time from 7 to 12:30 p.m. Never mind that the Bruins had just played a matinee the day before, or that it was Daylight Savings Time changeover day, or that when I looked at my DirecTV guide to see what was sooooo important that this game got moved up and discovered it was apparently Dateline NBC. (Spoiler alert: Chris Hansen tells people to have a seat over there. Later they are arrested.) This was a mindbogglingly stupid idea on your part and, frankly, it pretty much spelled doom for the visiting team. There was no way in h-e-double hockey sticks they could win this game, not with the deck stacked against them this high. My friend Jason told me that every time a team has played back-to-back matinees on spring forward weekend, they’ve gone 0-2. Seems like a pretty compelling argument to, hm, I don’t know, maybe try not to do that anymore for any team. Fools.

Next Game:

at Tampa Bay Lightning

March 13


I really hope this game is a good one…I don’t know what to expect anymore.


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