Posted by: emmaharger | March 16, 2012

Bruins game 69 and 70 wrapup

[I should call this “Opening a 12-Pack on Us” or something else pithy and hilarious because man, these games are not too funny in and of themselves, that’s for sure.]

Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightning

6-1, Lightning

Goals: Tom Pyatt, Nate Thompson, Ryan Shannon, Victor Hedman, Steven Stamkos x2 (Tampa Bay), Jordan Caron (Boston)

Goalies: Dustin Tokarski (33/34, .971%), Marty Turco (8/12, .667%), Tim Thomas (3/5, .600%)

Writeups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

So hey Patrice Bergeron played even though he was listed as a game-time decision. And he tried. He won the great majority of his faceoffs.

The Bad:

As mentioned during the broadcast of this bloodbath, the Bruins have been juuuust about average since visiting Dallas on New Year’s Eve. I know for a fact these guys can do better than just squeaking by with a C. They’re capable of A, A+ work. I sound like such a teacher, but come on, I know they’re capable of more because they have done more.

The Ugly:

That song is literally as long as it took the Bruins to lose this game. By the time that less than five minutes had elapsed in the first period, the Bruins were down 0-3, and they’ve never rallied back to win this season if they’ve gone down 0-3. It had been a while since they’d gone down 0-4 in a single period, though. That’s one of those things that, when it happens, you’re not like “Oh wow, it’s been a while, how great,” though.

Plus, sorry Marty Turco, that’s…certainly a heck of a first game to start, huh? (He did start and end it, though.)

Next Game: Below.

Boston Bruins at Florida Panthers

6-2, Panthers

Goals: Mikael Samuelsson (Florida), Marcel Goc (Florida), Joe Corvo (Boston), Stephen Weiss (Florida), John Madden (Florida), Brian Rolston (Boston), Tomas Kopecky (Florida), Wojtek Wolski (Florida)

Goalies: Jose Theodore (24/26, .923%), Tim Thomas (23/29, .793%)

Writeups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

Brian Rolston earned his first goal as a Bruin! On the power play! I could barely believe it had happened, mostly because the Bruins were down 4-1 at the time. Good job at least trying, Rolston! Adding to my sheer disbelief of the outcome of this game is the fact that Joe Corvo scored the other goal for Boston. (I still don’t like the guy, though. He committed a crappy turnover very soon after his own goal that led to Florida making it 3-1. Great job.)

The Bad:

This may have been a clean Brian Campbell hit on Brad Marchand, but tell me that if the roles were reversed, if Marchand had done that to Campbell, that it would’ve been clean. You can’t see in that video how, right after that hit, Patrice Bergeron looked like he wanted to go with Campbell for it! But then very soon after, Marchand earned a…well, the original penalty was boarding, called in the middle of the ice, but while he was in the box, they changed it to unsportsmanlike conduct. I don’t want to sound like a broken record and jabber about how Marchand’s ~reputation~ seems to affect his ability to receive fair, unbiased justice, so instead here is a gif of him bonking a guy on the head.

The Ugly:

I just…six goals scored on us in two consecutive games. The BRUINS used to be the ones opening a six-pack on people. But this second-half Bruins team is a mere shadow of what they used to be. As of this writing, an unfortunate Ottawa win has finally knocked Boston out of first in the division and second in the conference. Maybe they need this wakeup call to teach them to do better. There are still 12 games left–they are at an impasse and can either do well from here or completely sink the rest of the second half. It’s really up to them. Do they want to win?

Next Game

vs. Philadelphia Flyers

March 17

NHL Network

So okay, it’s a St. Patrick’s Day game in Boston. Sounds good, huh? But…it’s a matinee AND the team is wearing their third jerseys.

Those sweaters are terrible luck; the team is 3 and 6 when wearing those things. I’m with the Icethetics writer–they should ditch those in favor of the cool gold Winter Classic sweaters. Other teams have adapted their WC wear for third jersey use, so why not us?


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