Posted by: emmaharger | March 20, 2012

Man of the Day 3/20: Andrei Kostitsyn

Andrej Aliehavič Kaścicyn (better known as Andrei Kostitsyn)

Born February 3, 1985 (age 27) in Navapolatsk, Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union (now Belarus)

Left wing for the Nashville Predators

C’mon, you can’t profile one Kostitsyn without the other, now that they’re on the same team. Like Sergei, Andrei (I’m going to use the more popular English spelling) began his career with the teams back home, although he did make the jump to CSKA Moscow and move to Russia. CSKA Moscow–how to describe them? They’re basically the powerhouse of the KHL. After his first season in that powerhouse, he was drafted 10th overall by Montreal in 2003.

He went to Habs training camp in summer 2004 and signed a three-year deal with the organization, though he started out with the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs at first. In 2005, he scored his first NHL goal in December against the Phoenix Coyotes. He broke out in 2007-08, getting on a good productive line for the Habs and producing very well. That season, Sergei came up from the minors and joined him for a time. The first-seed Habs (seriously) entered the playoffs and both Kostitsyns scored in the same playoffs game against the Bruins…two minutes apart.

Hey, here's another Habs reunion: Kostitsyn (foreground) with Hal Gill!

Andrei scored his first hat trick in December 2008, providing all three goals for a post-Christmas 3-2 win over Pittsburgh. When Belarus needs a player for international tournaments, he is a pretty common call-up: he’s worn their red and green 15 times since 2000 for U-18s, World Juniors and Worlds, but not Olympics yet. He stayed as a Hab, having pretty productive seasons, until February 2012, when the struggling team dealt him to Nashville in exchange for two 2013 draft picks at the trade deadline. Like Krista said, Montreal fans often called him AK-46 because of his initials and number, a veiled reference to the AK-47, though those are manufactured in Izhevsk. That nickname might follow him to Nashville. Some Southern folks certainly do love their guns, after all.

The brothers are together once more.


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