Posted by: kristagolden | March 22, 2012

Blackhawks-Canucks Game 4 wrapup

Vancouver Canucks at Chicago Blackhawks

2-1 Blackhawks (OT)

Goals: Jannik Hansen (Vancouver), Patrick Kane and in OT Andrew Shaw (Chicago)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (23/24, .958), Roberto Luongo (35/37, .946)

The Good

THIS. GAME. HOLY CRAP. Let’s start from the beginning.

I was worried when the Canucks struck first with a goal by Jannik Hansen 30 seconds into the game. I should’ve known that this was just the beginning of a huge brouhaha.

This game would’ve had a higher score had Roberto Luongo been crap in net. He made at least three huge saves and made me curse him out like crazy.

Then there was a stupid, stupid penalty that I talk about later.

Mind you, this was just the first period.

Patrick Kane tied things up in the second, getting a nice wrister past Bobby Lu. Then it got nuts. Let me show you:

After all that, this was the aftermath:

Kaner, all 5’11” and 180 pounds of him, gave a giant bodycheck in the third period to Andrew Alberts, who was just returning from an injury (FYI Alberts is about 6’5″ and 218 pounds). As one of the eyeroll-inducing NHL headlines said, “Bring the Kane”.

After a third period where Corey Crawford stood on his head warding off the onslaught of Canucks shots, the game went into overtime. Who better than Andrew Shaw, with an assist from Johnny Oduya, to pot the game-winning goal?

Shawsie strikes again!

(By the way, in a postgame radio interview, Johnny said that Chicago reminds him of Atlanta. I legit had tears in my eyes when he said that.)

Anyway, we won! Qdoba for everybody!

The Bad

We let emotions get the better of us in this game, and it got out of control with all the penalties we racked up. At least we killed their power plays, but we couldn’t capitalize on ours, even when it was a 5-on-3. We really need to fix that.

The Ugly

Duncan Keith elbowed Daniel Sedin in the head, sending him to the bench. It was bad. I’m going to point out that he might’ve committed that ding dong move as retribution for the quasi-shoulder hit to the head that Daniel gave him earlier. Yes, that’ll go against him, but Daniel didn’t get penalized for that hit, while Duncs may be sitting out a few games (worse yet, I think they sat Daniel out of the game to make it look as though he was worse than he probably was, in an attempt to ramp up the inevitable punishment). Considering that Duncs doesn’t have a history of suspensions, I’d love for him to get a one-game suspension, but Brendan Shanahan’s been so inconsistent with those that I wouldn’t be surprised if he were out for three. And you know that since he’s a teammate of Danny Carcillo, that’s just guilt by association.

Next Game

vs. Nashville Predators

March 25

NBS Sports Network

Alex Radulov has finally joined the Preds. I cringe.

– Krista

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