Posted by: emmaharger | March 26, 2012

Have a Laugh with The Bear and the Gang

This might be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while (aside from a very well-written piece about the origin of Twitter’s @Horse_ebooks) and it comes from a team that looks like it is really trying to have a little more Internet fun lately. First came the Bruins’ daily Instagram takeovers. Now comes The Bear and the Gang.

Krista turned me on to this and it’s bleedin’ hilarious, done in the style of cheeseball 80s sitcoms introduction sequences, except it stars The Bear in his first appearance since he built himself a replica Stanley Cup…that Brad Marchand then used to wrap up a sandwich.

The Bear, who lives in a complete hovel of a “den” decorated with lots of Bruins memorabilia (including an Eddie Shore cardboard cutout and the replica Cup), apparently has a lot of friends.

Like Marchand playing paper-scissors-rock with Jack Edwards.

And Rene Rancourt doing his famous fist-pump followed by jubilantly pointing to his Stanley Cup ring.

Edwards is displeased with The Bear's monopolization of a big remote control.

Tyler Seguin tops off a tall pyramid of playing cards.

Wax on, wax off.

Of course Ferry would be the nerd. I recently saw a photo of him taken at an energy conference at MIT. I love how he just randomly popped in to MIT and it was hunky-dory.

Nothing has ever been as hilarious as this. Tuukka with slicked-back Gordon Gekko hair and awesome sunglasses wailing on a sax and Dennis, the German, rocking the accordion. God bless.

Looks like The Bear shrank Zdeno Chara's jersey a little bit.

Looks like Edwards is confiding in The Bear.

Adam McQuaid cares for his sick flow, though he's about to have it shaved off at Cuts for a Cause.

David Krejci does that handsome look-at-camera like they did in Anchorman.

Patrice Bergeron plays the hand (or paw) slapping game.

Johnny Boychuk is a hunk.

Hi, Mr. President!

Claude Julien, in full-on bad-call-protesting flight probably, as "Coach."

Notice The Bear banging away at a...typewriter.

I love the copyright notice on this logo. Hockey and whatnot.

Just the intro is available on the web right now. The intro teases for episode 1 available on the mobile app–too bad I don’t own a smartphone–but I’ve heard it will be ported to web sometime soon. Good! I’d like to be able to see it too! (Insert grumbling about mobile-only features here, such as Scoutmob’s move to have mobile-only deals available some days of the week as the featured deal.)

I hope this means the Bruins will do more fun things like this, though. It’s a good group of guys who look like they like to have fun. Plus, we fans want to see fun things too! C’mon Bruins, more fun stuff (on the web too please)!


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