Posted by: emmaharger | March 30, 2012

Bruins game 77 wrapup

Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins

3-2, Capitals (SO)

Goals: Dennis Wideman (Washington), Marcus Johansson (Washington), David Krejci (Boston), Andrew Ference (Boston) and Matt Hendricks (Washington), Tyler Seguin (Boston), Patrice Bergeron (Boston), Alexander Semin (Washington) and Brooks Laich (Washington) in the shootout

Goalies: Michal Neuvirth (19/21, .905%, 2 saves in shootout) in relief of Tomas Vokoun (7/7, 1.000%), Tim Thomas (21/23, .913%, 1 save in shootout)

Writeups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

This is slightly unrelated to the game at hand, especially considering Nathan Horton is out for the season, but he has become a father again! His wife Tammy gave birth to their second son, Zach, on March 29. Zach joins his big brother Dylan, who is 3. Mazel tov, Hortons!

Um, let’s see…we weren’t shut out after going down 0-2 because of good work from David Krejci, getting helped out by his big ‘n tall captain. Then Andrew Ference made miracles happen when he tied it up late in the game. This offensive outburst came just after Jack Edwards was starting to say that an eighth time being shut out would be the most of the season.

After…something bad that happened (it’ll be discussed below), Patrice Bergeron could be seen standing up for his teammate. The picture is here; I would link it directly, but it’s from a photo distribution site that is very serious about its proper credit and Rant has a license with them, but I do not.

The Bad:

Poor Dennis Seidenberg! He couldn’t play due to an infection on a leg injury he sustained during the game at LA. He’s taking antibiotics, so please take all your pills, Seids. (Even worse? With Seids being unable to play…Joe Corvo got the call. *horror film music and shrieking woman*)

The Ugly:

Jason Chimera‘s hit on Adam McQuaid. Ugh. Chimera comes off the bench and starts going into the Bruins’ zone, where McQuaid is heading behind the net to control the puck. McQuaid is all alone doing this. Chimera takes fourteen strides, building up speed, and slams McQuaid hard into the boards. Both their nights ended early: McQuaid was helped off the ice, while Chimera got a five-minute major and then a game misconduct. (While he was going down the tunnel, he was seen sassing some Bruins fans. Cute. Real sportsmanlike behavior there, buddy.) I am happy to report McQuaid did not suffer a concussion. I am unhappy to report a cut he got above his eye also gave him a swollen shut eye and he will not join the team on their trip. I am EXTREMELY unhappy to report that, aside from the charging penalty assessed, Chimera will get nothing. If a Bruin had done that to anyone else, people would be calling for his head and Shanahan would certainly intervene. (Ference told Boston sports radio that that hit reminded him of the one that got him suspended for three games in January, even though Ryan McDonagh wasn’t injured on that play, whereas McQuaid was and will miss games as a result.)

But the fact that Chimera didn’t even get a paltry “hey, I didn’t like that hit” tweet from @NHLShanahan, let alone a phone call, just keeps sending this inconsistent message instead of a hard-line “We do not want things like this to happen anymore because they can be extremely dangerous and cause head injuries” tone. Chimera had time to stop or slow down his momentum. He didn’t seem to be interested in playing the puck. What was he aiming for in that hit? I especially hate how some talkers have blamed McQuaid for the hit. Yes, he turned a little at the last second, but if he hadn’t, what if Chimera’s shoulder had gone right into his face? Maybe sheer human instinct, to flinch and to avoid, came into play here and that’s not what should’ve happened, but it did, and it might be nice that it did. Holy victim-blaming, Batman!

Speaking of defensemen, I’m not saying Corvo is the only reason this game was less than ideal. He wasn’t on the ice for either Capitals goal. But here’s the deal: his last game was the 6-2 loss to the Panthers. In the six games he was scratched, the Bruins went 5-1-0. He comes back, they lose in a shootout (where previously Tim Thomas had been perfect this season) and McQuaid gets hurt. We have Mike Mottau, so eager to play he’d sacrifice his teeth for the team. We have Torey Krug, so good at producing even as a d-man and so unable to play in the playoffs. Give one or both of them a shot!

…Oh god. McQuaid is out and Seidenberg is presumed to be out (though he is traveling). We’re really going to need some of those ‘extra’ D. Hey, Mottau would be playing his old team. That would be an amusing storyline.

Next Game:

at New York Islanders

March 31


The Bruins play the other Eastern team I have a little soft spot for. And a lot of my friends are going to be there, even ones from Boston, and including Vicky. Well, this is going to be interesting! Also, the Bruins clinched their playoff spot by way of Pittsburgh winning over Buffalo, so the Bruins go into this matchup with that distinction…


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