Posted by: emmaharger | April 4, 2012

The Bruins Take Manhattan–and Uniondale

This trip to New York was a good one for the Bruins, to say the least. Not only did they win both sides of a back-to-back, they became the first Eastern Conference team to clinch their division. All in all, a road trip job well done. But let’s get specific.

Boston Bruins at New York Islanders

6-3, Bruins

Goals: David Krejci x2 (Boston), Kyle Okposo (New York), Chris Kelly, PA Parenteau x2 (New York), Brad Marchand (Boston), Tyler Seguin (Boston), Patrice Bergeron (Boston)

Goalies: Marty Turco (19/22, .864%), Al Montoya (21/27, .778%)

Writeups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

I’m going to put this in terms of numbers because there were a lot of great numbers met, exceeded, achieved, etc. in this game.

20: Number of goals Chris Kelly has scored this season. It is his most prolific goal-scoring season to date.

23: Number of goals David Krejci has scored this season. This matches and exceeds his previous best (22 in 2008-09).

27: Number of goals each by Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin this season. They assisted on each other’s goals, too. I guess one couldn’t stand the idea of the other being ahead in the goal-scoring tallies.

21: Number of goals Patrice Bergeron has scored this season.

8: Points produced by the 63-37-19 line in this game.

34: Number of assists by Milan Lucic this season, his best in terms of helpers.

5: Number of penalty minutes earned by Gregory Campbell during his second-period fight with Micheal Haley that set up Kelly’s goal a few minutes later.

6: Number of Bruins who have scored more than 20 goals this season.

Probably infinite: Number of jokes about Marty Turco’s pads.

The Islanders did a good job especially in the first part of this game. I mean, they tied it up twice and each of the first two periods ended with a tie. But then in the third, Boston just opened the door and went right in. You can’t underestimate the Isles, though–before this game, they’d come off of beating the Penguins in both parts of a home-and-home.


The Bad:

Vicky told me that some of the Bruins fans inside the arena–she was there–were being kind of really uncouth and embarrassing. Of course, those louts don’t speak for the whole fanbase. There’s no need to, say, throw water bottles at mascots. Just enjoy the game. (And recycle those water bottles! What would Andrew Ference do?)

There were still some sluggish starts to the first and second periods. The third, though? Not so much.

The Ugly:

This sign itself isn’t ugly. It’s actually kind of funny and clearly Seguin thinks so too. What’s NOT funny is that some wiseguy Photoshopped it to say something very uncouth about the two women having intimate relations with Seguin in high school. This crappy Photoshop spread around the Internet like wildfire. I’ve seen it on every social media site I use and it annoys me every time because not only is it fake, but most of the showings come with comments that trash the women for being puck bunnies, sluts, whores, etc. It’s just ridiculous. And the Photoshopped version wasn’t even that witty, either. Thankfully it seems to have died down a little bit–at one time I saw it posted more than 100 times on Tumblr–but seriously. Ugh.

Next game: Right over there!

Boston Bruins at New York Rangers

2-1, Bruins

Goals: Marian Gaborik (New York), Dennis Seidenberg (Boston), Patrice Bergeron (Boston)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (33/34, .971%), Henrik Lundqvist (19/21, .905%)

Writeups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

The life of Tim Thomas: NBC Sports Network people talk about your somewhat bad record overall against Henrik Lundqvist. You proceed to keep the door shut for the entire game, save for one shot.

He stays saving stuff.

Dennis Seidenberg getting the goal hookup from fellow defenseman Zdeno Chara–yeah buddy! And it was even better to score against these guys because the NBCSN guys caught a bad case of “Let’s completely underestimate the abilities of the current Stanley Cup champions to do pretty much anything!” Sit down and eat your words, folks.

Good job, my little cub, says Chara.

Patrice Bergeron snuck the puck in on Lundqvist’s short side during a power play. Yes, a Bruin power play goal. Wonders never cease.

Oh, I like this.

At least this woman’s arm was draped across her sign just enough that it’s pretty much impossible to Photoshop in any offensive statements without making her arm look weird.

The Bad:

The battle of the 22s, Brian Boyle and Shawn Thornton, except only Thornton served a penalty after their scuffle.

The Ugly:

Ugh, seriously, NBC Sports Network–if you want to portray yourselves as a big-time destination for sports, you’re gonna need to square some basic things away first. Like mixing audio correctly so the commentators are louder than the on-ice ambient noise. Frequently, the commentators were little more than a dull mumble while I could very easily hear every single sound on the ice.

Next game:

vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

April 3

NBC Sports Network

These last three games don’t have as much on the line, since the Bruins clinched the division, but I personally would still like to get a nice win against a very good team, even if it’s late in the regular season.

Oh, and let’s just look at one more picture…

This photo is great not only because of the green writing, but also because Nathan Horton was the photographer.

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