Posted by: kristagolden | April 6, 2012

Blackhawks-Wild Game 4 wrapup

Chicago Blackhawks at Minnesota Wild

2-1, Wild (SO)

Goals: Jamal Mayers (Chicago), Cal Clutterbuck and Devin Setoguchi in the shootout (Minnesota)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (22/23, .957); Josh Harding (22/23, .957)

The Good

Duncan Keith is free! He celebrated his freedom with 25:23 on the ice and one SOG. Not bad.

We held the Wild to a scant few SOG for the first two periods, which is beautiful. That goal by Jamal Mayers was the result of mucho traffic in front of Josh Harding. That’s something we definitely need to keep up in the playoffs.

How sweet it is to score a goal on the road.

Speaking of goalies, Corey Crawford had another beastly night. What is it about this time of year that gets him going?

Koivu's levitating, Corey's making a save and that puck's just doing its thing.

More good news from the Toewsbot front: our fearless captain traveled with the team! No news yet as to whether he’ll play on Saturday, but he did say he was happy to be on the road again and missed rooming with Kaner. Seeing as how Kaner once described him as a sloppy roommate, Tazer was probably the only one looking forward to that (I kid).

The Bad

Power play, bad. Very, very bad. As in “We were handed a five-minute power play and couldn’t do a thing with it” bad. Yeah, we really need to fix that before next week.

Not so much bad as inducing an “awww”: Patrick Kane thought lightning would strike twice in terms of that sick shootout move he made back in December. But unlike Niklas Backstrom, Harding was wise to his tricks and blocked him. Poor lamb.

The Ugly

Nate Prosser got into a scrum with Jammer at the net toward the end of the first period and headbutted him. I don’t mean accidentally, I mean intentionally. Jammer ended up bleeding – I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost a tooth or two – and Prosser was ejected from the game (he only played 5:43 total). That was the worst of the scrums that occurred (idk what Kaner was thinking getting into a spat with Cal Clutterbuck during OT, that’s a little body asking for trouble). What’s with the Wild and their sudden feisty streak?

Next Game

at Detroit Red Wings

April 7


It’s the last game of the season! Let’s go out with a win!

– Krista

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