Posted by: emmaharger | April 11, 2012

Hey, um, Shea Weber?

Hey, Shea Weber…you’re not supposed to do that.

No, seriously, that’s not cool.

That’s pretty bad, man, what are you doing, Henrik Zetterberg’s head isn’t a coconut you’re trying to crack open…

Yeah, um…he’s crumpling…

Was this an act of desperation because your team was losing really badly and you thought there was no other way to make an impression and try to pull out a win from the endeavor?


Okay then.

Well…that looked really, really serious. I say you should keep your phone nearby. You might be getting a phone call soon. Might be watching game 2 from the press box, buddy.

EDIT: Oh, looks like you can do it and all you’ll receive in return is a paltry (by comparison to his total contract and assets) $2,500 fine. Huh, well, alrighty then. Good to know that supplementary discipline isn’t a joke only when it comes to things done to Bruins, I guess. Just because Zetterberg didn’t suffer an “apparent” injury on the play doesn’t mean that something may not come up later–especially if he starts complaining of headaches in a day or two. So, what did we learn? It’s totally cool to show everyone how to open a coconut on the ice. You’ll just get a teenytiny smack on the wrist instead of a cemented “these kinds of things are bad and should not be done” punishment.

Brendan Shanahan, you’re a joke.

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