Posted by: emmaharger | April 13, 2012

ECQF: Bruins-Capitals Game 1

Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins

1-0, Bruins (overtime)

Goals: Chris Kelly (Boston)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (17/17, 1.000%), Braden Holtby (29/30, .967%)

Writeups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

This was a good start to the playoff series–the first ten minutes were full of action and aggression and not too much in the way of Washington action down in Boston’s end.

Dennis Seidenberg is made of strong stuff.

Like I said, physicality–even if sometimes the national broadcast folks decided not to train a camera on hits, so we’d just hear rumbles off-camera and descriptions. Dennis Seidenberg especially seemed eager to dish out hits on Alexander Ovechkin, along with his D-partner Zdeno Chara.

Tim Thomas is a beast. Sure, there were times when he wasn’t tested much at all, like in the second when Washington gave him just two shots to save, but then there were times where he needed to come up big and he did.

Proving people wrong.

BEAUTIFUL. Just a gorgeous, beautiful, 1 minute and 18 seconds into overtime goal by Chris Kelly. Great work by the third line, Brian Rolston picking up his first playoff point since 2010 and, oh…1:18 you say? 1 win for number 18. Yes. Do it for Horty.

For a job well done in the playoffs, Kelly was awarded the new version of the MVP jacket: the MVP chain necklace. It has 20 links for the 20 players who dress each night and the padlock has a little Spoked B etched on it, thanks to Andrew Ference, who bought the hardware and an engraver too! Each win means a notch scratched on the side of the padlock.

The Bad:

Poor David Krejci! High-sticked (high-stuck?) to the face, smacked with a panel of glass after jerky fans banged so hard on a panel that it fell inward to the rink (he missed practice on April 13 but said he will be playing in game 2)–here’s hoping your luck improves!

Jason Chimera, if you think I didn’t see you roll up into a ball and launch yourself at Thomas’ legs (0:45) during a post-whistle scrum, you think incorrectly. I saw that crap and I don’t like it. You’re the reason Adam McQuaid didn’t play. In short, I greatly dislike you and I’m keeping an eye on you.

John Carlson, I’m watching you too, pal! Cute little move tripping up Krejci so he’d fall up against Holtby (6:17) and then reacting like Krejci had done that of his own unimpeded free will.

Holtby idolizes Thomas so much that he wants to be him–tapping the stick against the pipes post-period and then even getting a little physical against Kelly (7:41).

The Ugly:

Blah blah blah, failerplay, blah blah blah, won the Cup with a failerplay…

Ugh GOD I just personally dislike the NBC Sports Network tandem. They spent the whole game mooning over Holtby in a way consistent with a preteen who is discovering her first fangirly crush. (When they talk about how great it is that he made all but one of 30 saves, keep in mind that Washington players blocked 22 shots. It’s almost as if they don’t feel confident enough in letting him see all those shots, so they sacrifice the body.) Also at one point they said that Ovechkin had been really good against Boston this year–that awkward moment when Ovechkin managed only three assists in the four-game series.

Next Game:

vs. Washington Capitals

April 14


I hope this game goes well!

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