Posted by: kristagolden | April 15, 2012

WCQF: Blackhawks-Coyotes Game 2

Chicago Blackhawks at Phoenix Coyotes

4-3, Blackhawks (OT), series tied 1-1

Goals: Bryan Bickell in regulation and OT (Chicago), Raffi Torres and Antoine Vermette x2 (Phoenix), Brandon Bollig and Patrick Sharp (Chicago)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (30/33, .909); Mike Smith (46/50, .920)

The Good

This game, holy crap. Twenty bucks says I won’t be able to speak above a squeak for about a day or so.

Congratulations to Brandon Bollig, who scored his very first NHL goal in this game with a wicked hard wrister past Mike Smith. He’s the first Blackhawk to score his first point/goal in the postseason since Warren Rychel in 1991.

Mazel tov, pumpkin!

Bryan Bickell made nice bookends out of his two goals, landing the opening and game-winning shots for the Hawks.He would’ve had the hat trick, but his shot in the first period that was set up by Marcus Kruger was sent packing.

He doesn't always score game-winning goals, but when he does, he falls over and flails happily.

Just like Thursday, someone pulled a clutch goal with – get this – five seconds on the clock in the third period. We all thought it was Brent Seabrook again at first, but it actually deflected off of Patrick Sharp‘s stick. Doesn’t matter, that tied the game.

Look at the two Patricks! How can you not love this picture?

How much do I love Corey Crawford? He was downright amazing tonight, even denying a shot that could’ve easily been a game changer had he not flopped on it. I swear he gave me a heart attack with those glove saves.

Like this one.

The Bad

The boys looked out of sorts for most of the game, with very slopping puck possession and the sad, sad story that has become their power play. I miss power play goals.

Would someone please explain to me how this is goaltender interference? Exactly 0 people thought that was a fair call against Jonathan Toews.

The Ugly

So this happened:

According to Andrew Shaw, Smith had the puck and Shawsie was trying to avoid his stick, but he made contact. Smith was down for a bit before getting up and actually playing for the rest of the game. For this, Shawsie got a five-minute penalty for roughing and a game misconduct which got him ejected (Toewsbot later said that the refs didn’t know he was going to keep playing, hence the penalties). Emma and I both think that looks a bit embellished, and if he has any problems after playing the rest of the game, the fault will lie not with Shawsie, but with Smith and the team doctors for letting him continue.

Next Game

vs. Phoenix Coyotes

April 17


You read that right – the network that brings you Mad Money will bring you action from the Madhouse on Madison. You know United Center will be rockin’ for the boys!

– Krista

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