Posted by: emmaharger | April 20, 2012

ECQF: Bruins-Capitals Game 4

Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals

2-1 Capitals, series tied 2-2

Goals: Marcus Johansson (Washington), Rich Peverley (Boston), Alexander Semin (Washington)

Goalies: Braden Holtby (44/45, .978%), Tim Thomas (19/21, .905%)

Writeups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

Um, Rich Peverley kept this from being a shutout.

Also Tim Thomas got a lot of rest in the first period, when he faced just three shots. (Problem? Washington scored on its first shot of the game.)

The Bad:

Terrible power play is terrible. Not that they had much of a chance to even try the man advantage considering the Bruins got just one power play–to Washington’s three–in this game, though. I highly suspect the refs told everyone to keep it down, physicality-wise, but the Bruins muzzled themselves too much.

Plus, there were some points where this game had more stoppages than rush hour traffic on the Beltway. It’s really hard to create any momentum when the puck’s being iced so often that one could make quite a fetching cake.

The Ugly:

Remember back when the Bruins had six 20+ goal scorers and everyone presumed they’d do really well in the playoffs? Well, they’re taking their sweet time getting to that level in the postseason. Of those six, only Chris Kelly has scored so far–and he has just one goal to his name. The other five are nigh-invisible. In practices ahead of game five, there were some pretty big shakeups in the forward lines. Those might pay some dividends. It just would be nice if guys like Brad Marchand, Tyler Seguin or Patrice Bergeron (yes, sweetheart, I’m calling you out too) could produce quickly and produce often.

Maybe it’s just because I was trained to spot subtle instances of bias in college, but I doubt the NBC team could be any more biased in Braden Holtby‘s favor than they already are. They’re pumping his tires so hard I’d be worried about driving on them due to the overinflation! And then at the end of the game, Pierre McGuire literally pulls him aside for an interview and fawns over him, telling him they’re going to print “Held By Holtby” shirts.

Cool story, bro! Tell it again!

I guess my biggest gripe is that, by not playing as well as they can and not doing well in front of Holtby especially, the Bruins are feeding into this hype machine. NBC’s hype is being proven right, as far as they can see, so the tire-pumping continues. When are the Bruins going to show up with a huge bed of nails and just pop the tires?

Next Game:

vs. Washington Capitals

April 21


Nooo! Not another matinee game! Please, Bruins! Please do well!!

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