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ECQF: Bruins-Capitals Games 5 and 6

Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins

4-3 Capitals, Capitals lead series 3-2

Goals: Alexander Semin (Washington), Jay Beagle (Washington), Dennis Seidenberg (Boston), Brad Marchand (Boston), Mike Knuble (Washington), Johnny Boychuk (Boston), Troy Brouwer (Washington)

Goalies: Braden Holtby (34/37, .919%), Tim Thomas (28/32, .875%)

Wrapups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

Dennis Seidenberg flexed his German hammer muscles and scored a goal!

Brad Marchand! Good to see you get on the boards, pal! Sure, your goal was wicked flukey–it dribbled between Holtby’s legs and then across the goal line before he or anyone else could retrieve it–but hey, I’ll take it.


Johnny Boychuk‘s power play goal. Yes, you read that right–a power play goal scored by the Bruins. It is possible.

A gorgeous picture.

The Seidenberg and Marchand goals came in a little late second period surge, but then intermission came quickly after that and probably dampened the energy a little.

The Bad:

There were still some problems in this game–big guys not showing up offensively, et cetera. But most of the bad stuff here could really be reclassified as ugly, so please see below.

The Ugly:

I’ve made coffee stronger than these penalties called against Boston–and I’m famous for making really weak coffee. Especially that ridiculously weak hooking call on Benoit Pouliot, very late in the third, that led to Troy Brouwer‘s goal. It is no longer acceptable to presume that the referees are infallible and incapable of mistakes. It never was, but this postseason has proven that they’re imperfect. Explain how something they missed entirely was rightfully punished with a 25-game suspension!

Also, they really flubbed a chance to blow play dead when Joe Corvo blocked a shot, fell to the ice and took time returning to his feet. The whistles came quickly in game 4 when Capitals were in similar situations while Bruins had puck possession, but with the skate on the other foot, no whistle and a Capitals goal. Claude Julien called the lack of a whistle frustrating. I wonder if they’ll fine him for saying that.

Holy elbows, Batman! I saw at least three: Jason Chimera on Zdeno Chara, Brouwer on Boychuk, Alexander Semin on Patrice Bergeron. That plus another later hit on Bergeron by Alexander Ovechkin left him feeling less than 100% and playing fewer shifts. Were any of these elbows called? Of course not!

Next Game:

These games were back to back!

Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals

4-3 Bruins (OT), series tied 3-3

Goals: Rich Peverley (Boston), Mike Green (Washington), David Krejci (Boston), Jason Chimera (Washington), Andrew Ference (Boston), Alexander Ovechkin (Washington), Tyler Seguin (Boston)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (36/39, .923%), Braden Holtby (27/31, .871%)

Wrapups: Yahoo and Rant

The Good:

Rich Peverley got the first goal of this game. Well, for a second there it was Patrice Bergeron‘s goal, but it was changed back and Bergeron himself talked to the refs to make sure Peverley got the credit. Bergeron was still really good in this game, despite not being at 100% and unable to take faceoffs. He still assisted, took away pucks, got physical, won a VERY important faceoff (he took just one and that was the one) and quite nearly won the game in overtime just a minute before the game was actually won. Patrice is that kind of guy. He’s always going to give his best.

"Hey, I'm going to go get on the scoreboard today."

Good idea, David Krejci. Please do get on the scoreboard–especially on the power play. Yes, it happened! AGAIN!

Andrew Ference scored a goal on Earth Day by recycling a rebound right into the net. Environmentalism!

Guess who’s back(up), back(up) again…

Tuukka’s back(up). Tell a friend!

Time for more underperforming big guns to step up and do it big. Tyler Seguin, 3 minutes and change into overtime. Lures Braden Holtby out of his net by faking a turn to the right, then blasts one past him at a bad angle. I was so happy, especially after the game took a little turn near the end of the third.

Good job, Segs.


The Bad:

Caps fans! If Alexander Ovechkin manages to high-stick Zdeno Chara and draw blood, that means not only that he had to reach pretty high, but also that he deserves four minutes in the box. No need to boo that! If you draw red, that’s just what happens. If a Bruin drew blood, I’d be mad at him and he’d need to sit in the box and feel shame. (Of course, the fact that Jason Chimera then drew blood on Brad Marchand and went unpunished–actually scored a goal not long thereafter–just…ugh.)

The fact that the Bruins struggled to hold a lead throughout regulation. Thankfully there were some overtime heroics.

The Ugly:

Hey, awesome missed too many men penalty there, refs! NBC got out the screen writer and counted seven guys in red, SEVEN! And the seventh man was playing the puck. But that’s cool because there was a Bruin doing something bad at the same time. Better call that instead. What’s weird is that it sounded like they were gonna call too many men in addition, but then nope.

Next Game:

vs. Washington Capitals

April 25


Well, it all comes down to this. Win or go home. Game 7. Am I already freaking out? You bet. Time for more heroics, Bruins.

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