Posted by: emmaharger | May 6, 2012

Worlds Update: May 6

I wanted to wait until all five of the teams we like had played their next game before this update.

‘murricawatch: Because we tote blue passports

It’s the Battle of America vs. Its Fancy Hat, folks, and it’s big because America usually doesn’t win these matchups in the Worlds. Jim Slater opened the scoring for the red, white and blue–he’s had a goal in both games so far and is turning out to be pretty clutch. No wonder he’s an alternate. He does need to work on taking his faceoffs, though. But five minutes later, John Tavares tied it up with a helper from Duncan Keith, and 1-1 was the score heading to intermission. Jeff Skinner untied the game at the start of the second and later did at least two things that proved he’s still youthful and has a lot to learn–he complained to the refs when his sweater got torn, something the TSN commentators lambasted him for (they were like “It’s just badly sewn! Get used to it!”) and that failed to earn him anything he wanted. Later he tried to get the refs to call a penalty when he took a hit. Yes, IIHF games are called tightly, and fighting is an ejecting offense, but c’mon, son. If he were a Bruin, I imagine some of his older teammates would nip that in the bud (Shawn Thornton especially would be the no-nonsense older brother). I digress. Jack Johnson tied it back up again on the power play. Power play goals, hallelujah!! Patrick Dwyer scored again shorthanded. This team, I swear: varied goal scoring, scoring while up or down a man–all good things. Evander Kane tied it up once again, Nate Thompson put America ahead and then Keith scored near the end of third to force overtime. Not long into OT, though, Johnson struck again and won it 5-4 for Team USA.

Other games with folks in them that we like

Canada See above.

Sweden beat the Czechs 4-1 in a game where many Detroit Red Wings representatives ran the board. Johan Franzen, Niklas Kronwall, Joel Lundqvist and Niklas Persson provided Sweden’s goals, but Henrik Zetterberg earned the assist on both his teammates’ goals as well. Niklas Hjalmarsson had no shots and one penalty. Naughty naughty! Jan Petruzalek scored the Czechs’ only goal. David Krejci took a lot of faceoffs again, winning 75 percent of his draws but again being held to just one shot. At least he didn’t take any penalties this time! Michael Frolik took and lost one faceoff and also had one shot.

Czech Republic See above.

Slovakia Janne Pesonen provided the only offense needed for Finland to shut out Slovakia 1-0. Slovakia outshot Finland throughout much of the game, but the goalies just stood tall on both sides save for that one Finnish goal. Slovakia also took more penalties than Finland, five to two, something that Zdeno Chara took exception to after the fact. (He incurred the last of three nearly continuous Slovak penalties in the third period. But! He did take four shots, too!) This is Finland’s second 1-0 win of the series.

Next up for our teams

All five of the teams we’re interested in are playing tomorrow! Plus, we’ll be able to watch one of the games!

USA vs. Slovakia, May 7, 1:15 p.m. Eastern (NBCSN)

Slovakia vs. USA, May 7, 1:15 p.m. Eastern (NBCSN)

Canada vs. France, May 7, 9:15 a.m. Eastern

Sweden vs. Denmark, May 7, 2:15 p.m. Eastern

Czech Republic vs. Norway, May 7, 10:15 a.m. Eastern

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