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The Blackhawks let the fans decide

The Blackhawks’ season may be in the books, but that doesn’t mean they’re done with their fans for the season. The team’s website solicited voting for their Fan Choice Awards last week, and this week they revealed the winners.

Best Newcomer

Nominees: Daniel Carcillo, Ray Emery, Jamal Mayers, Johnny Oduya, Andrew Shaw

Winner: Andrew Shaw

#ShawFact: with almost 70% of the vote, this was pretty much a given – and why wouldn’t it be, with his 11 goals and 12 assists in 37 games. Add four fighting majors to that, and you get one tough and talented rookie. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes the roster next season.


Best Patrick Kane Shootout/OT Goal

Nominees: 12/14/11 vs. Minnesota, ASG Breakaway Challenge, 4/7/12 vs. Detroit

Winner: 12/14/11 vs. Minnesota

It was December, when the Hawks were in second place in the West and the Wild were in first. The game was tied at the end of OT and Jonathan Toews had made a nice five-hole goal on Niklas Backstrom. After Ray Emery had denied two shooters, it was Kaner’s turn. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?


Most Improved Player

Nominees: Marcus Kruger, Nick Leddy, Brent Seabrook, Viktor Stalberg

Winner: Viktor Stalberg

The team’s fastest skater dazzled us in his second year on the roster with 22 goals and 21 assists in 79 games. Those stats include his 10 points (8 goals, 2 assists) against the Columbus Blue Jackets alone – three of those goals came from his first career hat trick! Want more fun facts? Stally was the only player in the NHL to have 20+ goals and 30+ points without doing so on the power play or PK, and he’s the first in franchise history to record 20+ goals all on even strength. All that, and he’s easy on the eyes to boot.

Best Tweeter

Nominees: Brandon Bollig, Daniel Carcillo, Andrew Shaw, Viktor Stalberg

Winner: Brandon Bollig

A self-described “sub-par tweeter” (he says so in his Twitter bio), Brandon beat Shawsie by 15 percent. He possesses a lot of  sass and a little snark, so it’s hard to call him sub-par with tweets like this:

Play of the Year

Nominees: there was a list of twelve, including Kaner’s spin-o-rama assist and shootout goal, Patrick Sharp’s hat trick and Jonathan Toews’ first goal in the playoffs.

Winner: Patrick Kane’s spin-o-rama assist, 10/25/11

Kaner wasn’t ashamed to say that former Blackhawks coach Denis Savard taught him the spin-o-rama and that they’d talked about when to use it. It’s a tricky play, one that needs the perfect time to be executed. If it’s done wrong, it fizzles, but if it’s done properly, it’s spectacular.

Best BHTV Video

Nominees: Joey the Junior Reporter at the ASG Fan Fest, Duncan Keith’s spot for Eon Dental Clinics, BHTV on the Road and Blackhawks Holiday Carols

Winner: Blackhawks Holiday Carols

Joey’s cute, but seeing the boys wearing ugly sweaters while attempting to sing was borderline embarrassing but incredibly hilarious.


Best Forward

Nominees: Marian Hossa, Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, Viktor Stalberg, Jonathan Toews

Winner: Jonathan Toews

All hail Toewsbot Unit 19-C! Despite the concussion that took him out of action for the last 22 games of the season, our captain had 57 points (29 goals, 28 assists) and had the best faceoff percentage in the league (59.4%). He was even mentioned as a Hart Trophy candidate early in the season. I think if he’d stayed healthy, it just might’ve happened.

Best Defenseman

Nominees: Niklas Hjalmarsson, Duncan Keith, Nick Leddy, Johnny Oduya, Brent Seabrook

Winner: Brent Seabrook

It’s the quiet ones you have to watch. Seabs was really quiet with only 9 goals, but did he what he needed to do – he tied for ninth in the league for hits at 198, had 165 blocked shots and was second on the team in the +/- column with a +21. Remember that game-tying goal in the playoffs with seconds to spare? He’s not flashy, but he knows what needs to be done.

Most Valuable Player

Nominees: All the players on the roster who were in at least 30 games

Winner: Jonathan Toews

Since I already talked him up a bit earlier, here’s his triumphant return to the ice in the playoffs:


Only 61 days till Convention, Blackhawks fans.

– Krista

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