Posted by: emmaharger | May 24, 2012

Bruins Being Perfect on Twitter: A Story of Squee

Krista texted me recently to tell me that Andrew Ference, green-minded defenseman supreme, had joined Twitter. I went over to have a look, especially because there were the reasonable questions about whether or not that was him, but as soon as I saw some of his follows, I knew it was so him. His following list is a mess of all the organic green hippie food he eats, the company that makes his electric car, Arsenal soccer players, Tyler Seguin and the National Geographic account for the Beyond the Puck series about–him.

Some of his first tweets detailed a tattoo he was having done at a shop in Cambridge. He got another Haida eagle to match the two flanking his shoulder blades, a process that took seven and a half hours–and is not yet complete! He has to go back to have some color and shading added later!

He’s tweeted some more–he takes Krav Maga (maybe to help him stay in good fightin’ form, like how Shawn Thornton boxes in the offseason), he posted a lovely picture of the Rose Kennedy Greenway and he’s starting to interact with the other tweeting Bruins. There aren’t many on Twitter, but Seguin is on there, as is Torey Krug. Ference has interacted with both.

A play date–they’re so precious! (By the way, Ference demurred on Seguin’s offer by saying he was okay with just Twitter for now.) Also Ference told Seguin that he’s trying to match up with Nathan Horton in terms of having tattoos, and he revealed to a Twitter friend of mine that the nickname “Ferknuckle” was given to him by some snowboarding buddies in Whistler. (Speaking of, he’s following the company that brewed a special Ferknuckle beer for him to sup from the Stanley Cup last summer.)

Seguin has been adorable on Twitter lately too. When he’s not telling his little sister Candace that she’s too young to be in love (Tyler, sweetie, I think Candace is 17–I was in love when I was, like, 15…it didn’t turn out well, but anyway, it’s not out of the question for girls that age, silly old big brother you…also, *you’re), he’s being busy in the offseason. Sounds like he and some friends just saw What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I’m keen on that because that movie was filmed right here in Atlanta–the scene so often seen in commercials where a group of dads take their kids to the park and offer down-to-earth advice about fatherhood (“I caught him eating a cigarette!”) is set in Piedmont Park, which is really a gorgeous place and designed by the same folks behind New York’s Central Park.

Kind of weird that a bunch of early twentysomething straight guys saw a movie about parenthood (they don’t seem like the target demographic), but hey, whatever.

Also recently, he was dogsitting for Brad Marchand‘s dog Harvey. He posted two pictures of Harvey being cute, but eventually deleted one because, if you look carefully in the background of it, you can see a carton of beer perched atop an ironing board that is probably never used for its actual purpose. Naughty Seguin!

This picture stayed, though.

Also on Twitter, Horton’s wife Tammy represents the Horton brood (which recently expanded to welcome baby Zach) and, well–


(Earlier in the month, Mrs. Horton made a discovery that we made in the Harger home in 2006, shortly after moving into our current house. “DirecTV is so much better!” It certainly is.)

This team is so precious and their Twitter insights, as mundane as they may seem, really help humanize them and show a side we don’t usually see on the ice. More Bruins should make a little off-season project of joining their teammates on Twitter. It would be so much fun!

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