Posted by: emmaharger | May 26, 2012

G’bye, Zach!

Please read that headline in the style of the Dixie Chicks in their song “Goodbye, Earl.”

The Bruins made their first trade of this long offseason today, although it certainly will not be the last (there’s plenty left to do), by sending Zach Hamill off to the Capitals. Thus the team has rid themselves of one of the few “not so shrewd” post-lockout draft picks, according to The Hockey News. That’s just the polite Canadian way of saying that he hasn’t been the greatest cog in the Bruins machine since he was drafted eighth overall in 2007 in a first round stacked with talent (Patrick Kane! Sam Gagner! Max Pacioretty! David Perron!). That’s not to say he’s been completely useless, but in his best year, 2009-10, he put up 44 points with the P-Bruins and just one with the B-Bruins, though he had just one appearance there. This year, he played 16 games with Boston and had a brief appearance in NHL 36: Patrice Bergeron, sitting on the bench watching pregame video. But he put up just two points total in that 16-game stint. (Meanwhile, with the Peebs, he put up 43 points, most of them assists.)

But Hamill really ruffled feathers when he recently tweeted about “girl hockey fans”–he’s locked his account now, which is of course his prerogative, but screencaps are forever:

The obvious retort: “like you would know? The Peebs haven’t gone to the playoffs since 2009.” The other obvious retort: “Well, you didn’t seem to know it by the way you played those 16 games this season.” Other retorts from some of my older friends pointed out that they’d personally been watching the Bruins since before he was born, so yes, they know there is a season.

Welp, he’s Washington or Hershey’s problem now and we’ve got the son of Raymond Jean Bourque in the organization now, suckas! Like Hamill, Bourque has mostly been playing with the AHL club of the team that drafted him. Unlike Hamill, he contributed 93 points and the Bears made an admittedly-short lived playoff run. He’s probably going to spend much of his time in Providence–maybe trying to make the Peebs into a playoff team again?–but here’s hoping he does get a call-up to Boston just for the spectacle of seeing a Bourque on Boston ice.

Vicky said that Bourque the younger played for Boston University for a while and showed me a picture–he’s number 19 in white and red:

(Also note the “sieve” sign pointing down to the visiting goaltender–an idea started by Vicky’s sorority! It was their duty to flip the sign over to say “goalie” when they switched sides and the Terriers goalie was there instead.)

One time Bourque the older came over to see his son play too:

So, g’bye Zach! Hello Chris!

PS: Per Krista, Bourque is on Twitter. Yay!

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