Posted by: emmaharger | May 29, 2012

Hallå, Niklas!

The Bruins have made another acquisition, signing Niklas Svedberg to an entry-level contract. Svedberg (22) is the goalie for Brynas IF Havle, part of the Swedish Elite League and SEL champions for 2011-12. I’d seen some speculation about Svedberg becoming a Bruin recently, but it was all very sparse, unattributed and partially in Swedish. But now it’s official, so game on.

Svedberg might be part of an attempt to beef up the P-Bruins, along with new Bruin Chris Bourque. That would be a good thing as the Peebs have done rather poorly in the AHL recently, having been away from the playoffs since 2009. Sure, there are some guys on Providence who stand out and do good things in Boston call-ups, but as a whole, the crop from the farm team isn’t as great as it can be. (In fact, for the Bruins, it seems like some of the choicest produce is still in juniors right now: see also Hamilton, Dougie.)

Did I tire out that farm comparison yet?

Anyway, this is really going to rouse a new round of people who are convinced that Tim Thomas played his last game back in April (and comforted a crying little girl not long thereafter, an event that delighted my Thomas-loving stepmother), regardless of what Peter Chiarelli has said on the record about not wanting to move a goalie. I keep seeing folks argue that yep, that was it, he’s done, hang up the skates, but I don’t think so. Heck, if Martin Brodeur is still going strong, and Dominik Hasek is thinking of coming back, who’s to say Timmy can’t go for at least another year? (Also, how awesome would a game between Hasek and Thomas be? Many people compare the styles of the two netminders and it would be amazing to see them duke it out in the same arena.) Plus, Tuukka Rask has expressed his interest in staying in Boston. Although it would be funny to see Rask and Svedberg meet since Finland and Sweden aren’t always the best of friends.

I digress.

This is the part where I point out that Svedberg meets the definition of an attractive male to me.

After winning the SEL championship.

Also after winning, although I’m not sure exactly which shirtless slightly-gold-tinged Swede is him…

This is the part where I find some videos on the youtubes so I can Better Know a Baby Goalie (if by ‘baby’ you mean someone born nine months after me).

That one reminds me of when Party–I mean Marty Turco did the same thing. Hehe. Mischievous door-duty goalies.

Anyway, welcome, Niklas, to a team with pretty much no Swedish representation. I hope you enjoy being a Bruin.

PS: You will find your nearest IKEA in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

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