Posted by: emmaharger | June 15, 2012

Happy Bruins Cupiversary!

Can’t believe it’s been a year already. What a series and what a big decisive win on Vancouver ice. I’m rewatching Game 7 right now and just so many things, so many FEELS:

  • Of course, Tim Thomas‘ strength in net. Things have changed, no one is really sure what is going on anymore, a few learned minds are starting to theorize that we saw Thomas’ last game as a Bruin back in April, etc., but last summer, Thomas was king and his accolades were well-earned. He pretty much won All of the Awards and his performance completely merited them.
  • The sheer SPEED of Mark Recchi. At 43 years old, the guy still had wheels like a speedy rookie. There’s one point where he gets a breakaway and quite nearly stuffs it past Roberto Luongo, but Luongo makes the stop. Still, not bad for a man who was born when Lyndon B. Johnson was in office.
  • Patrice Bergeron scoring the official Cup-winning goal plus the one that he put away while he was sliding on his stomach. Of course I’m happy my favorite player has what’s officially the big winner. He just works so hard no matter what. After what he’s been through, he deserves all the glory he can get. Like the Selke next week!
  • The way the guys allow themselves a moment, just a moment of celebration after Brad Marchand puts away the empty-netter. But then they sit back down and get back into serious business mode.
  • Vancouver just deflates. Eventually you can just sense it; it seems like all the gas is out of the tank and their tires are deflated. They had a long season and fought hard, but it wasn’t enough.
  • Of course Recchi is the first to get the Cup from Zdeno Chara. As it should be. Recchi’s a good guy and I hope he does come back to the Bruins in some front-office form as I’ve read he just might do.
  • Speaking of Chara, the way he involves the team–like how he turns around and points to them when going to the Cup. He knows this is not just about him and he wants to give everyone credit for their roles in the victory.

The Bruins endured and fought quite a lot last year to get all the way to the Final and maybe they just ran out of gas early this year. But with Peter Chiarelli doing a lot to keep the old band together, as it were, I can tell he knows that 2012 was just an off playoff season. He knows that these guys are capable of getting to the top again. He’s very clever, that one, and I have faith that they’ll be back up there hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup soon. I don’t think we’ll even have to wait nearly 40 years this time.


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