Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | June 22, 2012

2012 NHL Awards Postmortem

Emma: Yay, that was a lot more fun than last year! There were still a few flubs–it seemed like no one knew how to say Evgeni, a lot of the “lol, thank you for laughing” awkwardness was probably staged, but how much, and why did they need to do that? It would’ve been funnier if Cheryl Burke and Steven Stamkos had bust out into this elaborately-choreographed routine, preferably to the tune of the little tango bit in Tango Maureen from Rent (“Where’d you learn to tango?” “With the coach’s daughter in the dressing room at Tampa Bay Times. And you?”), rather than the awkwardness that happened. Oh, and Matthew Perry?

Dude…are you okay?

But overall, it was great fun. I love, love, loved the skits of Will Arnett as Brendan Shanahan. It was perfect; Arnett is a huge hockey fan (as you can tell from watching any episode of Up All Night, basically) and a gifted comedian. Shanahan didn’t seem so amused by it, but we were. Check out all four of the skits below.

Another great skit was the one that featured Tracy Morgan as a member of the New York Rangers during 24/7. He especially enjoys hanging out with Ilya Bryzgalov.

Ditching the host was a good idea. Jay Mohr was atrocious last year.

Official count of predictions I got right: eight, including the Selke Trophy.

Reasons why Patrice Bergeron‘s Selke win was great:

  • Well-deserved
  • He was lovely and humble, thanking his teammates, family, hometown homies and speaking a little French
  • It came right after Kevin Smith did one of those “Know why I love the NHL?” things and it was about Winnipeg and it was displeasing to me personally so I needed some happy
  • Chara said he almost screamed for joy when it happened

Congratulations, Patrice. Triple Gold, Selke, who knows what’s next?

Overall, that was great fun!

And hey, props to Dustin Penner for winning the inaugural Stay Pressed Award for his take on the Masterton Trophy:

Nah, bro, just the guy who was injured so badly that I remember people wondering if he would ever walk again! But really, the Masterton is the kind of award where any of them could win because they’ve all been through so much. Trying to say “oh well, he suffered more, he should’ve won” seems a bit twisted.

Krista: First off, I got five picks right. Meh.

I was thrilled that Patrice won the Selke. To say he deserved it is a gross understatement – I’ve seen how hard he worked, and the award was well-earned. Congrats!

Like Emma, I was not happy about Kevin Smith’s little pat on the back to Winnipeg. Dude, there are people who are still bitter about the relocation (including us here at AiP). His lovefest kinda canceled out the awesome skit he did about Patrick Kane‘s Superman routine at the All-Star Weekend, and that’s a shame.

How precious was Evgeni Malkin? Our friend Bethany speculated that his little speech for the Ted Lindsay Award was probably written by Sidney Crosby. Doesn’t matter, he was still a sweetie.

Kudos to Patrick Sharp for tweeting his congrats to Hitchcock on winning the Adams. And they read it on the air too! I’ll bet he was both happy and embarrassed.

Did I squeal when Max Pacioretty won? Yes. Was Dustin Penner a jerk for saying he didn’t deserve it? You bet. Was his later excuse of “It’s my opinion” just a weak attempt to cover his butt? Absolutely. That Stanley Cup doesn’t give you the right to be obnoxious.

There was only one downside to the whole show: the absence of Ryan vs. Ryan III. They need to bring it back next year!

Overall, we both loved watching everything (except Nickelback, of course). I hope next year’s show is just as good!

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