Posted by: emmaharger | June 30, 2012

Dancin’ Roberto

The continued saga of “Where Will Roberto Luongo Go?” has been an interesting one to watch. There have been some serious considerations, such as the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Florida Panthers, and then ones that just seem so totally farfetched that you wonder if someone originally planted the idea for the lulz because it just can’t be serious–you know, like the Chicago Blackhawks.

It seems more and more each day like Luongo might go back to Florida, where he played for a time, met his wife, I believe they still keep a house there, etc. While south Florida is certainly quite a jump, climate-wise, from Vancouver, here’s the thing–would that put Jose Theodore in jeopardy? Or Scott Clemmensen? What’s the plan here? Is there one?

When Alain Vigneault told reporters that he would have Luongo drive the Zamboni if he couldn’t find any suitors, that gave me an idea.

I’ve been a Simpsons fan pretty much all my life. The show is, in age, roughly my age peer (it premiered as its own show, not part of Tracy Ullman, in December 1989; I premiered in December 1988), and I was recently thinking about some of my favorite episodes anyway. You know, gems like Marge vs. the Monorail. But there’s another episode from around that time that could be an inspiration for what to do with Luongo.

It’s called Dancin’ Homer.

The plot, if any recall is necessary, is that Homer becomes the mascot of Springfield’s baseball team by doing silly dances to the tune of Baby Elephant Walk. He tries to take his talent to Capital City, but it doesn’t work out well. Still, for a time in Springfield, the Dancin’ Homer thing totally works.

Maybe Luongo could do that, pump up the crowd at Rogers Arena with a little bit of dancing. It seems he already has the moves down, anyway:

Just put that to Baby Elephant Walk and we’re so there.

C’mon, Vigneault. You know this is a good idea in the making here. Get with it.

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