Posted by: emmaharger | July 23, 2012

The senselessness of tragedy

I know that we haven’t posted in a few days. Part of that is due to both of us being busy–I had a friend visit from out of town for a week and spent time with her–and that’s OK. But something happened over the weekend that affected us deeply as well.

By now you probably already know the terrible details of the shooting at a midnight show of The Dark Knight Rises out in Aurora, Colorado–the number of the dead, the wounded, the rounds of ammunition that the suspect was able to purchase legally, etc.

The shooting also took the life of a young woman who isn’t so dissimilar to me, Jessica Ghawi (pen name Jessica Redfield). I’ve written more about her here, but how sad it is that the world has been robbed of ever seeing the fruition of what looked to be a bright future–not only from her, but from all the other victims, too.

I went to a movie recently after the shooting. It wasn’t The Dark Knight Rises (I’m not a huge Batman fan), but, in a hopeful sign, two consecutive showings of that movie were sold out and the theater was packed. There were even some kids having a birthday party. Aside from one county police officer who walked out of the lobby as we walked in, I didn’t notice any heightened security. But people were still enjoying movies. We have to keep doing that. If we don’t, the shooter wins. Fear wins. Terror wins.

Simply put, that can’t happen.

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