Posted by: kristagolden | March 6, 2014

This Year’s Trade Deadline Madness, or True Life: I’m Addicted to TradeCentre


Hello, I’ve survived the trade deadline. If you’re reading this, so have you.

First of all, I want to commend Stan Bowman for sitting back and letting everyone else shred themselves into confetti. Stan’s a clever general manager, and last year’s extensions and signings are evidence of that. He likes the team in place now, which is the one that won the Stanley Cup last year, minus a few people. He only traded for two guys, and he gave draft picks in return. Oh, and he traded away Brandon Pirri, a guy who just couldn’t get his feet off the ground in the NHL. Here’s hoping he’ll thrive with the Florida Panthers.

Speaking of the Panthers, let’s talk about Roberto Luongo. He was miserable in Vancouver, but Mike Gillis is another Scott Howson and let him rot. “Fine,” said Lu, “I’ll be the best goalie you have, but I still want out.” Then they hired John Tortorella as head coach, and let’s face it, no one likes him. But Lu kept a brave face and went on with the season. Then came the Heritage Classic, where he was benched. That was it. Two days later, he was traded to the Panthers. Actually, that benching was the straw that broke the camel’s back, the final insult. Master gave Bobby a trade, Bobby is a free goalie.

Now let’s talk about Martin St. Louis. If the Luongo trade made everyone rejoice, the St. Louis trade with the New York Rangers made everyone scratch their heads. Now, rumors abound as to why he’d ask for a trade in the first place, but here’s what I’ve gathered: St. Louis wasn’t happy about Steve Yzerman being named general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and he’d been asking for a trade for some time. The fact that he was left off the Canadian Olympic team was the straw that broke Marty’s back, and he pushed for a trade with only one team on his list. Meanwhile, Ryan Callahan was speculated to be on the block, so the teams swapped captains. People are calling Marty a whiner for being angry over the Olympic snub. I don’t think he’s a whiner, just a frustrated guy.

By the way, thanks for taking away the potential for a great buddy cop movie, Tim Thomas. Texas is the perfect fit for you and your weird goalie masks that look like something little kids and college players wear.

Now that we’ve survived the deadline, it’s time to prepare for playoffs. At least the Stanley Cup Final won’t be in the middle of summer this time.

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