Most everything in life has rules. So do we. But we keep it pretty simple here.

1. Okay, a little chirping is fine. It’s part and parcel of the sport. Baseless things, ad hominem attacks and totally uncalled-for things like saying someone deserved to get a concussion because they went to another team are not allowed here. We monitor the comments and have the right to delete anything that doesn’t jive with us. Be reasonable.

2. The word “puckbunny” is officially banned here and if you stoop to using it, so are you. It honestly smells of slut-shaming, attempting to denigrate a woman just because she has and expresses sexual desire by noting the good looks of players and talking about their appearances in addition to talking about the way they are on the ice. It has no place here in any context. Neither do gendered insults such as joking that the Sedin twins are “two girls, no cup.” We’re trying to defeat the outmoded, stereotypical idea that anything feminine is weak, lesser or undesirable, not promote it.

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