Posted by: kristagolden | August 30, 2011

He’s just not that into apologizing to you

We’ve all been in a situation where you bump into someone and say “I’m sorry.” It’s courtesy and just plain good manners. In hockey, you would think that it’s courtesy and good manners to check on someone if you barreled into them and left them in a heap on the ice, right? I mean, Zdeno Chara called Max Pacioretty after he checked him, and Mike Green called Patrick Thoresen after a shot that…let’s just say our male readers would cringe if I went into too much detail.

I don’t think Aaron Rome was paying attention when they taught that in Hockey Etiquette class.

After the nasty hit he gave Nathan Horton in the Stanley Cup Finals, Aaron took out his phone and decided to show his compassion toward his fellow player. I can see it now: Aaron deciding just what to say before selecting Nathan’s number…and leaving him a text message.

Please tell me his text wasn't like Carrie's Post-It note breakup.

So far, Horts hasn’t heard a thing from Rome since that text. Some people would treat that the same as an uninterested person who didn’t like the first date and hasn’t called back since. But in an interview with The Bruins Blog, Horts (who confirmed that he’s concussion symptom-free, sweet!) thinks it’s pretty tacky:

“Just through a text message I heard [from him], but I mean, I wouldn’t be throwing a text message someone’s way, you know?” Horton said. “I’d have a little more respect to try to make a phone call.”

I wouldn’t hold my breath for that call if I were Horts. I’d just wait till they meet in January, skate up to him and simply say, “You never called me.” Leave the revenge and the etiquette lesson to my teammates.

– Krista

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